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Ceremonia de Inauguración del primer número de la revista JESM

Schedule of Inaugural Ceremony of JESM

The Future of the research is based on the collaborative and interdisciplinary work performed in the field of Engineering, Science and Mathematics. It is our pleasure to organise an inaugural ceremony on the release of First Issue at Journal of Engineering, Science and Mathematics (JESM). We would be highly delighted to have your benign presence in this auspicious occasion on 01-Jan-2021 from 4:30PM to 5:30PM (IST).

The following are the Keynote speakers who are going to share their experiences and challenges in their respective research fields. The talk is on “Challenges and Scope of Emerging Domains in Interdisciplinary Research”.

Mohammad Shabaz
Managing Editor, JESM
4:30 PM -4:35 PM
Introduces Guests
Prof. Tarun K. Lohani
Editor-in-Chief, JESM
4:35 PM -4:45 PM
Talks about JESM
Dr. Abdella K. Mohammed
Associate Editor, JESM
4:45 PM -4:55 PM
Talks on Mentioned Topic
Dr. Prashant Singh
Guest Speaker
4:55 PM -5:05 PM
Talks on Mentioned Topic
Dr. Gaurav Dhiman
Guest Speaker
5:05 PM -5:15 PM
Talks on Mentioned Topic
Dr. Alberto Garcia-Penas
Associate Editor, JESM
5:15 PM -5:25 PM
Talks on Mentioned Topic
Melkamu Teshome Ayana
Assistant Editor, JESM
5:25 PM -5:30 PM
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